The band was very pleased to hear from George Tomsco (original founder of the Fireballs
with songs like, Sugar Shack, Bottle Of Wine, Bulldog, Torquay and Quite a Party) and his
congratulatory comments with regards to our new group "CSIRock" which can be seen on
Youtube.  George's comments aren't taken lightly and adds inspiration for our group.
The  name  "CSIRock"  originated  from  the first  letters of  their  style  of  music, and   honored  the
original  artists   for  their  tremendous  musical  contributions   and  talents.
 Instrumentals by  "The
Ventures", "The Shadows",  "The Fireballs",  "Dick Dale",  Local  Edmonton  artists  "Bobby Clark",  
"Wes Dakus and The Rebels"
,   are a few examples of what they  play. A  lot of early guitar  players  
learned  their  licks  from  these  early  pioneers  of  the  electric guitar  and it's  csirocks  pleasure  to  
continue  on   their  tradition  of   great  music.
Their early influences were the  instrumental surf bands of
the 60's.  The  "Surf Rock"  era was an exciting time for the
early music scene in  Edmonton.  CSIRock play these tunes
in their original form as they were played then.
Surf Rock originated in California and became its own sub-culture.  The use of the
whammy bar, tons of reverb and fast staccato picking generated the excitement of the
music  that was  synonymous  with surf and sun. Surf instrumentals peaked in 1963 and
gave way to vocal orientated surf music known as "Hot Rod" surf.  These were harmony
filled songs and ballads with a surf theme.
Then in 1994 the popularity of the sound track from the movie  "Pulp
Fiction" revived the surf instrumentals and helped to give rise to the
resurgence of surf bands around the world keeping the original sound alive
and CSIRock is proud to be one of them.
George Tomsco
"The Fireballs"
Sent: Monday, August 17, 2009
Subject: Re; Festival Place #1 & #2
Very nice performance !...And well received by the audience !
All that hard work you put into your own personal rehearsal and rehearsal with CSIRock paid off !!!  
Wished Larry's lead guitar could have been more elevated above the rhythm section, but still  you  
fine group !  Tell 'em all 'hi' for me, and congratulations. George.
Classic Surf Instrumental Rock
Where Surf Music Started:
Surf’s Revival:
Links to:
George Tomsco's  latest FIREBALLS  CD "Rockin' In The Fifties" was completed in April of 2011.
The Fireballs latest CD has two new tracks.  
The session for the recording of Georges latest instrumental
VICTORIA" was recorded in Canada by Larry Kopra with  Ray LaBrosse  (Rhythm Guitar),
Ken Mehrer (Bass Guitar),
George Tomsco on (Lead Guitars), then completed at Drew's Holder's
AMP Studio in Amarillo Texas
, With Chris Segura on Drums and Maggie Scales on Viola.
Larrys History: played professionally
for many years and has developed a style
all his own.  His early influences were the guitar
players of the surf rock era.  He has played in a single act,
a duo, trio, and full band complement.  Early local  Edmonton bands include  
“The Night Before”, “Kiss of Death”, “Strawberry Ridge”, “Ridge”, “Slam”,
”The Wicked Uncles”, ”Heritage”, “Nevada”,  “Nevada Gold”,
“Silver Mountain Band”,  "Western Justice", “Trade Winds”,
“Harder & Kopra”, CSIRock and  
Flatbroke 2014
Gary has been a band member
of the early Instrumental band “The Spartans”
from the 1960's.  He has played with “River City Groove”,
and other various local bands.  He plays a custom built Bernas
bass guitar that he has built and uses an SWR amplifier and gets a
great sound.  He played bass for  “George Tomsco”  from the  “Fireballs” and
also has appeared on stage with  “Nokie Edwards”  from “The Ventures”,
and with the late “Bobby Clark”. He is a truly talented musician.
In 2007 Gary and Larry joined forces and realized
how well they worked together  leading
them to form CSIRock.
Richard and Larry have played together
in the same band called  “The Night Before”, early
on in their careers and now have joined forces once again in
“CSIRock”. Rick has been playing drums since the days of the surf era
and has a feel for the instrumentals and also plays other Instruments as well.
He has played drums for  the  “Shumka Dancers Orchestra”,
“Bobby Curtola”,  “Big Miller”,  “Chantels”,  “Silver Hawk”,
”Good Vibrations”,  and other  local groups,
and has played  with some of the best
musicians around.
Larry Kopra
Lead Guitar
Gary Bernas
Bass Guitar
Richard Sliwkanich
We are stronger in numbers than we are alone
 CSIRock Playlist  
Song List Examples

Kansas City
The Wanderer
Brown Eyed Girl
Love Potion Number Nine
Rock 'n' Roll Music
That'll Be The Day
Special Note
Wipe Out
Peter Gunn
Viva Las Vegas
CSIRock  Theme
A Long Way Home
Say  Something  Clever
House of  The  Rising  Sun
Swingin '  Creeper
Runnin ’ Strong
Rebel Rouser
Is Tight
La  Bamba
Run  Away
Take Five
El Ringo
The Twist
Rollin Rock
Guitar  Twist
Las Vegas  Scene
Theme  for  Young   Lovers
Chief   Whoopin ’ Koff
Ghost  Riders
Fried   Rice
Furi, Furi
Blue Dawn
HarLee Guitar
Walk  Don’t  Run
Spudnik / Surf Rider
"Simon & Simon" Theme
On 10 Ave
Driving  Guitars
Man of Mystery
Panic  Button
Pretty woman
Last Date
Quite  A  Party
The  Ninth  Wave
Rise & Fall of  Flingle Bunt
Malaguania,  Gunshot
Moon  Journey
Peach Fuzz
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