The Night Before
Larry Kopra
Terry Kolach
Bo Slavutich
Our Friend Max
Brian Sorgey
This was the second band I played with.  We
practiced regularly at the St. Johns rec room. I
remember buying a Telecaster guitar from
Gene Zwozdesky (yes the politician), I knew
him as a teacher then.  I traded it eventually
for the double neck Mosrite guitar that I am
We also played for a pop festival in Renfrew Park in 1969  (now
known as Telus field), and a pop contest at the Jubilee
Auditorium as well.  We played in St. Paul, Vegreville,
Wellingdon, and surrounding Edmonton.  Later, Bo went on to
form the band Headwind.  Roman Worock played Rhythm guitar
and Rick Sliwkanich and his brother Barry were in the band
playing drums on separate occasions.