Gary has been a band
member of the early
Instrumental band “The
Spartans” from the 1960's.
In 2006 Gary and Larry
and Dave Hanatiuk joined
forces and realized how
well they worked together
and they kept their name
"The Spartans", a 60's
intrumental band
Gary Bernas
Bass Guitar
Larry Kopra
Lead / Rhythym Guitar
Larry started playing
surf instrumentals at
about age 12 with his
cousin Terry. Larry
asked Dave if he would
be interested in playing
surf rock in 2005 so
Dave, Gary and Larry
carried on the
Spartans name.
Dave Hanatiuk
Lead Guitar
Dave and Gary played in the
Spartans instrumental band in
the 1960's. Daves attention to
tone give the surf instrumentals
the original sound of the time.