Larry Kopra
Gordy Lloyd
1975 - 1978
When I joined Heritage in 1975, Heritage was
a four piece band. I remember the first night
with this group when I first sat in cold without
a rehearsal.
Brian went on to work for the RCMP, and then
Heritage became a duo.  In late 1978 Gordon was
called to duty in Cyprus.  He was a  Sergeant at
the Namao air base with the 435 squadron,  We
kept in contact but time has it's ways.  We are
still lifetime friends.
We played at the Regency Hotel, Capilano lounge,
Rexx Hotel, The Yellowhead Motor Inn lounge,
the Sergeants Mess and Corporals Club at Namao
& did some out of town work too.  It was a most
memorable time.
Gordy Lloyd - Lead Vocals, Rhythm
Brian Askaland - Bass, Vocals
Craig Anderson - Drums
Larry Kopra - Lead Guitar, Vocals