Harder & Kopra Recorded Live at
The Empress Hotel In Lacombe
June 21, 2000
1992 - 2002
Larry Kopra
Glenn Harder
This was a high tech duo. They had wireless mics, wireless guitar
units and  harmonizers . They  played rock, country, 50's - 60's, CMT
country and alternative. Both had a fully sequenced show with a midi
light system. They booked themselves and had a great time. In
escence, two single acts combining to do a duo.
Glenn and Larry have successfully
played together for ten years in this high tech duo named "Harder & Kopra".
Glenn's unwavering determination and multi talents added power and punch to
the project.  Larrys combined his talents including slide guitar creating a truly
fun duo. Both were well versed in MIDI.
Gibbons Hotel
Larry and Glenn first met when Glenn filled in on bass
for Silver Mountain Band in 1987. They  became friends
and later joined forces and created
"Harder & Kopra".
Larry Kopra
Glenn Harder