Ray owned some nice vintage guitars.  He had a 1964 Jazz Master, a Jaguar, Fender twin amps
and a lot of other toys.  He had a fantastic record and video collection that a store would be
envious of.  He worked for a well know stationary company "Grand and Toy".  He had a lot of
good friends and loved be all. He played rhythm for “The Fireballs Tribute Band" with George
Tomsco (the original founder of "The Fireballs") when they make their appearances here in
Canada. He  played with the “CJCA Fairmonts”  in the early 60’s. Ray has filled in as rhythm
guitar for  “Wes Dakus & The Rebels” when Barry Allen was not available.  Ray appeared and
played on “Teen Bandstand” a CFRN TV musical production in the sixties.
Ray LaBrosse