***  CSIRock's debut  ***

Festival Place
Sherwood Park  AB.

We are pleased to announce that our debut at
Festival Place in Sherwood Park on Wednesday August 5th
was a smashing success with two encores.  The tremendous reaction to
our music was the highlight for all of us.  The history of the surf rock instrumental story
took  back the audience to a time of drive in movies and high school sock hops
and memories were overflowing.  People  were dancing in the isles.  

"Our  thanks" go out to
Gavin Farmer (General Manager)
for giving us a chance to perform, and the
Festival Place staff for their kindness and willingness
that  makes events like this possible. Great food and a relaxed
atmosphere  made for a  great experience.

Thanks to all who made it to the show, and we thank the
"Sherwood Park News"
for the article they did on CSIRock.

We are all looking forward to seeing you all again
and a special thanks to the
"CSIRock in crowd "
for their friendship and encouragement
**** CSIRock  Appeared ****
on  the
Lorraine Mansbridge Show

The show was aired from Festival Place
in Sherwood Park
Our Thanks to Global TV
CSIRock would like to thank the Jackfish Lake Management Association for their  wonderful
hospitality.  We thank all the people involved with planning the annual picnic as well as those who
were part of the festivities.  The fireworks were dazzling  and we would like to extend our thanks
to 'host' Ave Spratt for showing us around the lake and also special thanks to the boys who
helped move our equipment. We had a wonderful time .
Hot Fun In The Summer Sun 2010
Jackfish Lake Management Association
Annual Picnic

Hosted by: Ave Spratt
Saturday, September 8th, 2012.

3rd annual “Sherwood Park Appetite!” bringing aid and awareness to the less fortunate