The band members of CSIRock
have returned to the music that they
started out playing in the early stages of their
musical careers. There is a particular feel that is
associated with these tunes and they have captured it.

For anyone who was interested in learning how to play the guitar
in the 50’s and 60’s, the surf rock instrumentals held an important place
in the early stages of these musicians. Even some music schools used to use
the tune,  “Walk Don’t Run"  by  “The Ventures”, as an early learning tool to pass
on chord progressions to their students. Since then many musicians through
time have credited the early Surf Rock era as their starting point.

The fifties and the sixties experienced a surge of music
that has not been repeated since. It was just after
World War II when relief and inspirations
flourished. This was the time in history
when the surf scene really took off.

It was in the mid sixties when the surf
rock instrumentals gave way to "Hot Rod Surf",
that was a blend of surf music with vocals and harmonies
often with themes of cars and young love. Music changed and  the
surf rock scene was overshadowed by the newer music and most musicians
moved on with the times. Years were spent learning and playing other genres of
music and fun was being had by listeners, dancers and the musicians alike.

Today, the lure of the surf instrumental music catches the ear again, and this time it’s the
memories of the fun times that this music invokes. Generations who grew up with
these tunes are now hearing them in commercials and in movies spurring on the
revival of surf music. As a result, hundreds of bands  around the world
have now picked up on the surf rock scene once more
and are playing this wonderful music.

CSIRock is proud to honor those
instrumental artists
who gave us our start in
music. We thank them for the rich heritage they left
us and we are acknowledging them by doing
the very best renditions of the
music they created.

History has a way of
repeating itself
Returning To Their Roots: